Pd. Pol. Adv. Laura Norton Treasurer 163 E. Pathfinders Circle The Woodlands TX 77381

About My Candidacy

The Woodlands MUDs

Congratulations to MUD 2 and MUD 40 for consolidating into one MUD.  Their consolidation led to a savings of $65,000 a year in just direct expenses.  Savings through this kind of administrative cost cutting is the cornerstone of my campaign.  Consolidation leads to:

  • Organizational efficiencies
  • Better cost management
  • Decreased bureaucracy
  • More accountability to one streamlined board

It is the WJPA staff that manages our community's day to day water, sewer and drainage needs. This staff ultimately is managed by a WJPA board of trustees that's made up of members from the now ten MUDs of the Woodlands.  So many MUD boards add to our costs and only subtract from our ability to efficiently service The Woodlands with transparency and accountability.

Get to know me and why I'm running for MUD 47. Find out when and where to vote and read through concurring opinions published in The Woodlands Villager by following the link to my MUD 47 Facebook Page.

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